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Welcome to Monte Vista Montessori School

San Antonio’s True Montessori School

Progressive by design, Maria Montessori’s strategies are still breaking new ground while maintaining an unsurpassed track record of foundation building for a dynamic and influential cadre of alumni. Click to meet a few great people doing great things for the world. Continuous improvement is baked in to the system, for students, teachers, trainers and the community at large. 

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A Direct Line

Meet four generations of Montessorians leading directly back to Maria Montessori!

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Personal Excellence

Where are they now? Meet a few of the students changing the world!

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Too Much Fun

Petting Zoo, Rodeo Day, Brown Bag Day, Halloween, Winter Social, Valentine's Day, Raptors - Last Chance Forever, Dinosaur George, Chicken Dog, Trinity Players, Night at the Cove, and more!

In 2008, a dedicated team of Montessorians and parents from Kriterion Montessori came together to found a non-¬≠profit Montessori school and continue the good work started up on the hill. To this day, the Monte Vista Montessori School carries the torch and maintains the beloved Montessori tradition of following the child’s inner flame and encouraging that  inborn passion for discovery. We look forward to visiting with you!