After School

Learning Continues Outside Class

The Montessori Method is all about following children’s interests on their way to becoming lifelong learners. To inspire even deeper exploration, Monte Vista Montessori hosts music teachers, art teachers, drama teachers, etc. who offer private lessons on campus. The school has even played host to Dinosaur George, Last Chance Forever, visiting authors, various petting zoos, and much more.


Whether an independent group is rehearsing for Brown Bag Day or the Winter Social, or a whole class is getting ready to play and sing for a local nursing home, Music is part of every day at Monte Vista Montessori. In addition, guest instructors in voice, guitar, keyboard and more regularly teach extracurricular music.


Ms. Jane Henry, B.M., professional violinist
Private violin lessons, ages 7 and up
Call (210) 710-3808

Violin teacher at MVM, Kriterion, Keystone, private studio since 2001.
Students play in recitals, celebrations, with YOSA, with friends, and with blues bands.


Ms. Kitty Sawtelle Scott, BA MA
Performance, rhythm guitar, voice
& Spanish through song 

Call (512) 917-5908

“Babies are born to listen! And their fascination with the great colorful noisy world soon turns inward as they discover the magic of their own hands and the music of their own voices.” – Ms. Kitty

Ms. Lynne Puckett, B.M, M.A.
piano lessons & private instruction
Call (210) 328-9985


Angela McGuire
Who Art Thou?

enrichment with art & poetry
Call (915) 500-9866