Louis A. Davenport, MD

Where are you now?

Louis A. Davenport is a Medical Doctor (Internal Medicine & Aerospace Medicine), Master of Public Health, Senior USAF instructor pilot of the F-16, and Business Entrepreneur.

How did your experience in Montessori School prepare you for the life you have now?

Montessori education readied me for my life now by nourishing two fundamental characteristics into my personality: 1) a true enjoyment for learning, and 2) drive, motivation, and the “know how” to go educate myself when there’s something I need to better understand.

I take on something new nearly every single day, whether it’s finally learning to solve the Rubik’s cube (its popularity seems to be on the return with kids again), learning to integrate social media as I update the website I’ve built for my own business, or learning new capabilities of high-performance military fighter jets. It’s never ending! Because learning is fundamentally integrated into human growth, I hate to imagine what life would be without having been shown how to embrace and foster education. Thank you, Montessori!