Thomas Curran

Where are you now?

Currently in tenth grade at Saint Mary’s Hall with all A’s, taking Precalculus Honors, French II, AP World History, English, Chemistry Honors, and Photography. Also participating in Model UN, theater and music at Saint Mary’s Hall. Next summer, I’m going with thirty of my classmates to rural Tanzania to help build a school.

How did your experience in Montessori School prepare you for the life you have now?

I love to serve and help others. I’m a Life Scout with lots of experience teaching younger scouts. I sing and play guitar, banjo, and piano. I’ve volunteered at SNIPSA’s “Big Fix” (helping with animals going in to surgery and coming out of it), SNIPSA adoption events, ISAS arts festival at Saint Mary’s Hall, cooking at Ronald McDonald House, and helping teach the confirmation class at my St. Peter’s church.

I attended Montessori School for twelve years and flourished in the environment. In high school, I’ve seen my curiosity and attitude towards learning contrast greatly with those who didn’t receive a Montessori education, and I owe it to the capable, hardworking teachers and nurturing environment of MVM. I’m a very independent person in many capacities, and I think this is partly because of MVM. My teachers encouraged me to do what I wanted, to pursue my own interests, and this made me want to learn. My Montessori education allowed me to be myself and to start discovering who that is.